Q2 2023
Land Acquired (POT)The project has obtained land for its operations and is currently establishing a POT farm.
Farm License (POT)The necessary license required for farming activities have been obtained for the POT farm.
Q3 2023
Mint (Nan Cupz)600/747 Nan Cupz NFTs exclusively for Cupzlist, Potlist and Whitelist holders.
Mint Date (Nan Cupz)9 September 2023
PoG Live (Nan Cupz)The Proof of Growth (PoG) system will be active for Nan Cupz, allowing users to connect and watch live cafe's operation.
Mint (POT)Genesis collection. 300/420 POT NFTs exclusively for Potlist and Whitelist holders.
PoG Live (POT)The Proof of Growth (PoG) system is active, allowing users to stake or grow their digital assets.
Season 1 - Digital Bud/Week (POT)The first season has started, offering a weekly drop of digital buds to holders.
Q1 2024
Harvest and Replanting (POT)After the crops have been harvested, the project plans to replant for subsequent growth cycles.