real-time view of growth, one step at a time.

WTH is Proof-of-Growth(PoG)? It's simply a level of transparency in which holders have real-time view of operations occurring within a specific business.

As we progress in the era of Web3, harnessing the power of community, it is crucial to unite individuals with similar interests and goals in order to collaborate on any business venture.

With individuals sharing common interests and bringing in their expertise, it is possible for every business to achieve remarkable success. When united, the odds of triumph for any venture are phenomenal.

NFTs provide a streamlined alternative to traditional ownership processes, eliminating the need for registrations, shares, and complex holdings. With NFTs, individuals can easily own assets in a decentralized and transparent manner, revolutionizing ownership in the digital realm.


NFT OwnershipNFTs represent ownership or access rights to the farm's operations. These NFTs can be acquired by interested individuals who become stakeholders in the farm.
Staking NFTsNFT holders plant/stake their tokens. By staking their NFTs, holders demonstrate their commitment and gain additional benefits or privileges.
Live CCTV ViewsFarm sets up a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras that capture live video footage of the farm's operations. These cameras are strategically placed to cover key areas.
Real-time Access for NFT HoldersOnce staked, holders gain access to a dashboard where they can view the live CCTV feeds from the ████ farm, enabling holders to monitor the farm's activities in real time.
Enhanced TransparencyThe live CCTV views enable holders to observe the day-to-day operations of the ████ farm. They can witness activities such as planting, growing, harvesting, and processing of ████ plants.
Community EngagementNFT holders can engage with each other and with the ████ farm's community. They can discuss observations, ask questions, and share insights related to the farm's operations.
Security and PrivacyThe live CCTV views provided to NFT holders are secure and protect the privacy of individuals involved in the farm's operations. Ensuring that only authorized NFT holders have access to the dashboard.