This disclosure is intended to clarify and explicitly state that Memepotz is not affiliated with Memeland or 9gag in any manner or capacity. Memepotz is a unique online platform that aims to bring real-world operations closer to Web3 through the innovative concept of Proof-of-Growth (PoG).

Memepotz utilizes the Proof-of-Growth mechanism, PoG, as a core element of its platform. PoG is designed to reward users for their contributions and positive impact on the community, with growth metrics such as content quality, user engagement, and network effects taken into account. By aligning incentives through PoG, Memepotz aims to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for its users.

It is important to note that while Memepotz embraces innovative technologies and Web3 principles, it does not share an affiliation or association with Memeland or 9gag. Memepotz operates as an independent entity, focused on its own unique approach to integrating real-world operations with Web3 concepts.

Any similarities or resemblances between Memepotz and other platforms are purely coincidental and are a result of the shared interest in exploring the potential of blockchain technology and community-driven ecosystems.

Memepotz takes pride in its commitment to originality, innovation, and creating value for its users. The views, opinions, and expressions presented on Memepotz are solely those of its users and do not represent the viewpoints or endorsements of Memeland or 9gag.

Furthermore, any claims, advertisements, or promotional material that suggests an affiliation or endorsement between Memepotz and Memeland or 9gag are entirely false and misleading. Memepotz disclaims any responsibility or liability for such misrepresentations made by third parties.

Users should exercise discernment and discretion when engaging with any online platform and verify the credibility and affiliations independently. Memepotz encourages users to explore and embrace the innovative potential of Web3 technologies while understanding that Memepotz operates independently and is not affiliated with Memeland or 9gag in any way or sense.

By accessing or using Memepotz, users acknowledge and accept the aforementioned disclosure, understanding that Memepotz brings real-world operations close to Web3 using Proof-of-Growth (PoG) but is not affiliated with Memeland or 9gag.

Date: July 15, 2023

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